Over the past 4 years I have been involved with School of Mechanical , Aerospace and Civil Engineering , at University of Manchester, supporting and delivering the Dissertation component of the MSc Managing of Programmes. To give you any idea if the types of projects support (& graded) see below:


To find out about our Short Course, click here. These courses are full validated and available to individuals and groups.

Associatepm is an approved IBTA centre. In identifying local partners, we developed a delivery partnership  with local providers is working closely with Associatepm help delivery this Certified Programme to Professionals in Bulgaria, in english and bulgarian.

This prestigious validation of BP Academy  certifies professionals and provides an excellent opportunity for  Bulgarian business professionals to gain recognition according to the leading international standards of IBTA.  Associatepm, we will provide international trainers and assistance to programmes across Bulgaria.

We start delivering the programme from March - April 2017, and will be looking  to offer this programme to organisations, but also individuals, leading to the opportunity to become certified and or become trainers